Business Leaders - If you are FRUSTRATED with the lack of time to get it all done, and you wish you had more time for you... it is time to watch this video.

Do you want to...

  • Spend more time with your family.
  • Increase capacity to get things done.
  • Less feeling like you're surviving, more time to THRIVE!
  • Better work results, less stress!

Does this sound like you?

Problem #1


You're great at what you do for a living - the challenge is keeping ALL THE THINGS in balance. This includes your wife or significant other, kids, your health and everything else on your plate every single day. The list never gets shorter and the emails never stop coming.

Problem #2

Everyone and everything else is a priority. You have to make sure all the work demands, the family demands, the last minute things, and the never ending list get accomplished. IF (big if) there is any time left over then you can have some time for the things YOU want to do.

It's fine, except for the resentment that is building in the background.

Problem #3

Even though you know something has to change, you are already DOING everything you know how! You time block. You make lists. You know what needs to be done - but in the dark corners of your time - you relapse - and it's pissing you off. Why can't it just start working and feeling GOOD everyday?

Gunther was having the same problems...

"I could count on ONE hand the number of nights I slept in my own bed Monday through Friday in the last 6 months. I was doing ok at work, but there was still never enough of me to go around. I was tired, and things there was more conflict at work than necessary. When I finally started working with Mark, I got control of my life back, I started sleeping better, I felt better - and the work results are still working!."

• Gunther | C-Level Exec

About Your Coach

I have been working with high performing professionals for a long time. The consistent thing with those that have the same problems as you - is that no matter how many books they read or podcasts they listen to, the results are always the same. Busy. Busy. Busy.

Frankly, I am tired of hearing "I'm so busy" every time I talk to one of my clients - so I created this VIP Program to help execs finally get the balance back in their life without having to sacrifice the business results that keep you secure. I am going to take you through a custom 3 step process to get the Capacity, the Clarity, and the Certainty you need.

My name is Mark Jewell. I am the founder of #thrivetoday and I have pioneered life coaching in the business space in order to wake up corporate America. I've helped hundreds of leaders get their shit straight so they can end their survival mode - and get to thriving. If this is of interest - book a call and let's see if you're really ready to get the results you deserve.

If you're tired of dealing with these problems... then book a call. It is time to stop surviving and truly FEEL like you're THRIVING!

Why are so many executives like you so good at what they do, but still struggling to thrive in other areas?


  • Struggling in health
  • Struggling in relationships
  • Constantly putting out fires at work
  • More team conflict than you should
  • Higher turnover than necessary
  • Not enough time at home

So many leaders I speak with have resigned to the idea that "it is what it is." That this hustle and grind lifestyle is all there is. That - in order to have to success you have to sacrifice time, peace, sleep, health, relationships and more. And I get it. That is how we were all programmed.

Yes. There is a time to grind. There is also a time to rest. The only issue is that we have been lulled into a hypnotic rhythm that says, "If I grind, then I can rest." And that's the distortion. If you're ready for the change... book a call now.

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Survival is Dead. It's YOUR time to thrive. Today.